Watch The Killers perform ‘The Man’ on US TV

Band performed on the 'Late Show' this week

The Killers performed their song ‘The Man’ last night on US TV.

The band graced the cover of last week’s NME magazine. Read The Killers’ full interview online here.

Following the release of their album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, the band stopped by the Late Show on Thursday night (September 21) to play its lead single. Watch footage below.

In their NME interview, The Killers revealed that they attended group counselling sessions ahead of their new album.

Speaking to NME, frontman Brandon Flowers admitted that “a lot of eggshells are walked on”, before adding: “We’ve had some counselling sessions.”

“It was basically a communication session,” drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr explained of their problems. “We’re four dudes that don’t want to communicate, don’t know how to communicate, how to lay it out. We needed some lessons. I think it’s healthy. If you don’t clear the air there’s a lot of separation. Cracks start to feel like wedges then canyons, and then paranoia builds up and you misconstrue everything.”

“It cut through the bullshit,” Vannucci added. “On tour you don’t wanna rock the boat too much, and it taught that, instead of letting something go an entire six week tour, if something happens fucking deal with it right there.”