Alison Mosshart: “I want to be Iggy Pop when I grow up”

The Kills speak of their appearance at Isle Of Wight and gaining a Top 20 album

The Kills have spoken of their appearance at the Isle of Wight festival last night, performing just before Iggy Pop on the main stage.

Headlined by The Who, Saturday at the Isle of Wight main stage also boasted performances by Richard Ashcroft, The Corrs, Turin Brakes and Alabama 3.

Speaking after the performance, The Kills’ Jamie Hince said that Isle of Wight is the only festival he’s ever been to when he’s not playing. “A few years ago, I was watching it on tele and just thought it looked bloody brilliant, so hopped in the car and drove down the next day,” he said.


Hince continued, “When the offer came in and we knew we’d be playing on the same stage as Iggy, it was a no brainer”. Iggy Pop opened up his set with The Passenger and Lust For Life, with Hince explaining that both he and Alison Mosshart saw Pop playing with Josh (Homme), Dean (Fertita) and Matt Helders in Paris a few weeks ago.

“It was just unbelievably good. I was on the floor by the time he came off, it’s a masterclass in performing,” he said. Mosshart added, “I want to be Iggy Pop when I grow up – he’s the master.”

The Kills’ recent album ‘Ash & Ice” is heading for the Top 20 in the UK Album Chart this week. Hince said that “to have a top 20 is really important” to him, citing his childhood memories of growing up with the UK album charts.

“We play all over the place, and do a lot of stuff in America, but it’s always most important to me when we get little victories in the UK. We’re a band who has grown through touring, and have been underground for a hell of a long time, so this means a lot.” You can watch a video of The Kills performing at Isle of Wight below.