The Kills’ Jamie Hince planned Kate Moss-inspired ‘Sex Tapes’

Band's new album almost got a saucy name

The KillsJamie Hince has said that he was previously planning to exploit his relationship with Kate Moss by releasing ‘Sex Tapes’.

But the guitarist wasn’t talking about getting steamy footage of him and the supermodel online – he just meant he wanted to give his band’s new album that name.

“We were going to call the album ‘Sex Tapes’, he told Q, referring to new album ‘Blood Pressures’. “It would have fitted perfectly because it’s about rock n’ roll, relationships, the sweat and the dirt. But we’d have got so much stick.”


Bandmate Alison Mosshart added: “It would have been taken the wrong way.”

‘Blood Pressures’ is out on April 4.

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