The Kills’ Allison Mosshart reveals surprising way she got into music

"I was just like, this is what I need to do"

The Kills released their fifth studio album ‘Ash & Ice’ last week (June 3) and are busy supporting the record with an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and releasing videos for ‘Heart of a Dog’ and ‘Doing It To Death’.

‘Ash & Ice’ was produced by guitarist Jamie Hince and co-produced by John O’Mahony, who has previously worked with The Cribs.

In an interview with the Lena Dunham newsletter Lenny Letter, Mosshart has opened up about her unexpected move into music. She also revealed how The Kills began. “I got into music through skateboarding,” she began.


“I lived next door to these teenagers when I was really little, and they were always out on their half-pipe with this boom box, and I was fucking obsessed with it. I would sit next to the boom box and listen to everything that they were playing. I would copy those tapes and listen to them all night while I was asleep, wake up and listen to them, and then go back after school and listen to them some more,” she continued.

She then reveals that when she was 13, she started a band with her skating friends because “that’s what you do when you’re a skateboarder.” Mosshart met Jamie Hince when she was just 17 and was staying in the flat below him.

“I used to just hear him play electric guitar up there, and I was like, this is the fucking coolest-sounding electric guitar ever,” she said. Mosshart further revealed that Hince the gave her a four-track to practise on. “Then I would run back to London with the tapes, and that’s how the Kills started,” she said.


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