The Kills dedicate Patsy Cline song to The Horrors in LA

They conclude US tour with raucous sets

The Kills concluded their US spring tour in Los Angeles Friday night (May 22) with a raucous set that ended in a pile on the floor with The Horrors.

The two bands performed for a packed house at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Supporting band The Horrors kicked things off with a brooding set that focused heavily on their new album ‘Primary Colours’. Frontman Faris Badwan paced back and forth across the stage as the band ran through the tracks, hardly looking up from their instruments during their 40-minute set.

The Kills quickly kicked things up a few notches when they took the stage just after 11:00, writhing and wriggling across the floor throughout their 75-minute set. Beginning with ‘You Are A Fever’, the duo ran through several tracks from their most recent album ‘Midnight Boom’.


Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince hardly said a word during their raw, stripped-down set, but displayed tremendous energy as they spun around on stage, getting tangled up in their guitar cords and each other.

“This one’s for The Horrors,” Mosshart said when the band launched into the rocking title track from their second album, ‘No Wow’. They also dedicated a sexed-up version of ‘Crazy’, the Willie Nelson tune made famous by Patsy Cline, to the London band. The crowd erupted, cheering and clapping along.

At the end of the night, The Kills returned for a climactic three-song encore, which included ‘Hook And Line’, a cover of Scramin Jay Hawkins’ ‘I Put A Spell On You’ and ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, for which they were joined on stage by The Horrors.

The two bands worked each other into a frenzy, and Mosshart climbed on top of Horrors guitarist Joshua Von Grimm‘s shoulders before they collapsed in a pile onto the floor and rolled around before crawling off the stage.

The Horrors played:

‘Mirror’s Image’
‘Three Decades’
‘Do You Remember’
‘Can’t Control Myself’
‘Scarlett Fields’
‘New Ice Age’
‘Who Can Say’
‘Sea Within A Sea’
‘No Love Lost’
‘Count In Fives’


The Kills played:

‘U.R.A. Fever’
‘Pull A U’
‘Sour Cherry’
‘Tape Song’
‘No Wow’
‘Alphabet Pony’
‘Last Day of Magic’
‘Kissy Kissy’
‘Black Balloon’
‘Cheap And Cheerful’
‘Fried My Little Brains’
‘Hook And Line’
‘I Put A Spell On You’
‘Baby Please Don’t Go’

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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