Watch The King Blues’ uncensored ‘Set The World On Fire’ video on NME.COM

Clip depicts a dead policeman hanging from a lamp post

The uncensored video for The King Blues‘ new single ‘Set The World On Fire’ is being hosted exclusively by NME.COM – click above to watch it.

The video features an alternate ending to the previously-released cut, and depicts a dead policeman hanging from a lamp post.

Singer Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox told NME about their original intentions for the video.


“I guess artistically it’s trying to say that if you keep on kicking the underdogs eventually they’ll bite back,” he said. “If people are treated badly, eventually they are going to rise up and do something about it.”

‘Set The World On Fire’ will be released on April 10. It features on the band’s new album ‘Punk & Poetry’, which is out on April 18.