Ray Davies thinks the idea of The Kinks reforming is “overly romantic”

Artist address rumours of The Kinks reforming

Ray Davies has addressed the rumours surrounding a reunion of The Kinks. The band, centred around Davies, 71, and his brother Dave, 69, sold millions of records over more than 30 years. They split up in 1996.

The musical ‘Sunny Afternoon’, created by singer and playwright Joe Penhall has garnered a new generation of fans for the band. Telling the story of The Kinks and includes songs ‘Waterloo Sunset’, ‘You Really Got Me’ and of course, ‘Sunny Afternoon’.

Ray Davies briefly joined his brother on stage during a gig at Islington Assembly Hall last December, which sparked a few rumours about the band reforming.


Speaking to the Evening Standard, Ray Davies addressed the semi-reunion. “I’m still trying to live that down. I joined him on stage briefly but it would be overly romantic to think it was because of the show or to start talking about a reunion.”

He is working on an album, due out next year, and is also writing a book which he said was “a sort of prequel” to his autobiography X-Ray.

Continuing, he said: “I’m interested in community and it’s about that and about London. I’m not a political person but I do think we have lost some sense of community. I like working with true stories and elaborating on them.”

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