Kinks’ Dave Davies: ‘Ray’s a vain, egocentric, narcissistic arsehole’

But Dave says the pair have met up recently...

Former Kinks guitarist and singer Dave Davies has branded his brother and ex-bandmate Ray an “arsehole”.

Although Dave slammed him with the insult he also said he still “loves him to death” – and revealed that the pair recently met up.

The Kinks split in 1996, with the fall-out between the two brothers seeming to be the main factor preventing a reunion.


“I don’t know when it happened but at some point Ray kind of lost the ability to share,” he told the Independent. “Emotionally – not just with money. Even though that [money] would help. A lot.”

He added: “But having said that Ray is a vain, egocentric, narcissistic arsehole, I won’t have anybody call him that except me. Because I love him to death. He is my brother.”

Dave said that he recently met up with Ray despite their differences. He said they discussed “business – but nothing was resolved.”

He added that there were no plans for him to join Ray at the Meltdown festival in London in June. Ray has curated the event and will perform at it.

Of a possible appearance there Dave said: “That would be down to Ray.”

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