The KLF release new reworked album ‘Come Down Dawn’

The new effort sees the enigmatic duo delivering a reworked take on 1990's 'Chill Out' album

The KLF have shared ‘Come Down Dawn’, a new album which sees the influential electronic duo putting a new spin on their 1990 album ‘Chill Out’.

Released to streaming services earlier today (February 4), the record sees the band offering a reworked version of the seminal album – with a variety of previously unlicensed samples being removed from the release.

Clocking in at 38 minutes, the 12 tracks take their name from a series of concurrent road trips across America – beginning with ‘Brooklyn to Atlantic City’ and finishing with ‘San Rafael to Mexico City’.


It comes after the duo, made up of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, uploaded their music to major streaming services for the first time.

The pair scored a series of global hits in the late 80s and early 90s, before famously walking away from the music industry in 1992.

Their exit followed a notorious appearance at that year’s BRIT Awards, which saw them firing machine gun blanks into the audience before dumping a dead sheep at the after-show party. With their exit, they discontinued their entire discography.

Drummond and Cauty went on to form The K Foundation, who in 1994 set fire to £1 million in a stunt which was then made into the film Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid.

After returning to action in August 2017 following a notorious 23-year period of silence, they also became the subject of a new film by documentarian Paul Duane.


The pair are said to no longer consider themselves “a pop group”, a press release about the film explains, but rather “new age undertakers building ‘The People’s Pyramid’, a monument built out of 34,952 bricks forged from the ashes of the dead and have made November 23 in Liverpool ‘The Toxteth Day of the Dead’.”

According to the duo’s official website, further releases are expected in the coming months.

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