The Knife amongst acts soundtracking porn documentary ‘When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere’

The defunct Swedish act's tracks pop up in an unlikely corner...

Swedish synthpop duo The Knife are amongst the acts soundtracking a new porn documentary ‘When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere’.

The documentary, filmed by Berlin-based director Marit Ostberg, focuses on gay relationships. An (extremely NSFW, and non-embeddable) trailer can be viewed here.

This is a film with many layers,” Reveller Records accompanying details say. “It is a sexy, sweaty hot porn. It is a film about making porn. It’s a film about the relations between the people behind and in front of the camera. It is a film about friendship and sex.”


“It is a love letter from Marit, the director, to her star, Liz. It is a director longing back to the collective space that was created during the shooting of the film. It is a porn that wants to become reality. It is a porn that was reality while it was shot. The film has shown at several festivals and theatres around Berlin and the world.”

The entire soundtrack record – which will be released on Reveller Records later this month – is now available to stream via Soundcloud, below. Alongside two previously released tracks by The Knife and a new version of a solo effort by band member Karin Dreijer, it features the music of Light Asylum, 1900, Sky Deep and Mad Kate. Listen below:

The label also describe the soundtrack, as follows:

“The songs are a collection of dark ambience with synth music, folk/rock and finished out with more dance oriented sounds. There will be eleven tracks on the CD and twelve tracks available on the digital release.”

“The two bonus tracks by Sky Deep are not in the film. They were created as remixes using sampled audio from some film scenes. Marit Ostberg requested a remix using film audio and Sky Deep as the engineer for the final audio mix was the first candidate.”


The Knife played their last ever gig at Iceland Airwaves in November 2014, with Dreijer saying: “We don’t have any obligations to continue, it should only and always be for fun.”