The Knife play last ever gig at Iceland Airwaves – watch

The show took place in Reykjavík on Saturday (November 8)

The Knife played what’s been billed as their final show over the weekend at Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavík.

“When we finish the tour now in November, we will close down, it’s our last tour,” Karin Dreijer Andersson recently told Dazed & Confused. “We don’t have any obligations to continue, it should only and always be for fun.”

The band played tracks from 2013 LP ‘Shaking the Habitual’ and their recent ‘Shaken Up Versions’ remix EP, performing with a dance troupe at Harpa Silfurberg on Saturday (November 8). Watch footage beneath.


The duo released their fourth album ‘Shaking The Habitual’ in 2013, following their self-titled 2001 debut, 2003’s ‘Deep Cuts’ and 2006’s ‘Silent Shout’.

The band recently played their final UK show in London last week (November 6).

When asked if she had plans to work again under the Fever Ray name following the end of The Knife, Dreijer Andersson told Dazed & Confused: “When we finish The Knife’s last run in mid-November, I will start thinking about what is to come next!”

The Knife played:


‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’
‘Raging Lung’
‘We Share Our Mothers’
‘Without You My Life Would Be Boring’
‘A Tooth For An Eye’
‘One Hit’
‘Full of Fire’
‘Collective Body Possum’ (poem by Jess Ardnt)
‘Ready To Lose’
‘Pass This On’
‘Stay Out Here’
‘Rhythm Of The Night’ intro
‘Silent Shout’

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