The Knife bring new album ‘Shaking The Habitual’ to London

The Swedish duo remained hidden for the entirety of their 90-minute set

The Knife brought their new album ‘Shaking The Habitual’ to London’s Roundhouse last night (May 8).

The Swedish duo, who regularly hide behind masks in photoshoots, performed as part of a nine-person collective called Sorkklubben. The performers dressed in shiny, multicoloured gymsuits and mimed playing giant instruments during a highly choreographed set taken mostly from their latest album. It was unclear which of the performers were Karin and Olof Dreijer, the brother-sister duo who make up the band.

The show began with an empty stage flooded with blue light and the ambient track ‘A Cherry On Top’, before the collective crept to their positions wearing glittery capes during tribal drumbeat to ‘Raging Lung’. They followed with ‘Bird’, from their first album ‘The Knife’, released in 2001.


The 13-track set also included ‘One Hit’, from the album ‘Silent Shout’ (2006) and ‘Got 2 Let U’ from ‘Deep Cuts’ (2003). During ‘Got 2 Let U’, a giant picture frame descended in the middle of the stage and Olof Dreijer’s face appeared to mime some of the lyrics while a performer in a full-length blue leotard did a ribbon dance.

The duo did not come forward to perform any tracks on their own, but blended in with the rest of the troop for the entirety of the set. They ended with ‘Silent Shout’, when the lights when down on the stage and the performers encouraged the crowd to dance. There was no encore.

The Knife have explained their collaborative process in interviews for ‘Shaking The Habitual’. “It’s so inspiring to see how you can work and create your own autonomous collective, where you can work with your ideas without having to struggle with other forces around you,” Karin Dreijer told Spin.

The Knife play London’s Roundhouse again tonight (May 9). Last night they played:

‘A Cherry On Top’
‘Raging Lung’
‘A Tooth For An Eye’
‘One Hit’
‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’
‘Got To Let You’
‘Ready To Lose’
‘Full Of Fire’
‘Stay Out Here’
‘Silent Shout’