Max Rafferty: ‘The Kooks sacked me because I thought ‘Konk’ was rubbish’

Bassist hits back at claims he was booted out in 2008 due to 'drug addiction'

Max Rafferty, former bassist with The Kooks, has denied he was sacked from the band in 2008 due to drug addiction – and instead blamed musical differences for the bust-up.

Shortly after Rafferty’s departure, the group’s frontman Luke Pritchard claimed that his ex-bandmate was “taking drugs probably a lot more than he should have been doing or wanted to be doing”.

However, in an interview with the Daily Star more than three years on, Rafferty has now described the cocaine claims as a “load of arse”.


Instead, he said he was thrown out after raising concerns that the band’s second album ‘Konk’ was rubbish.

Rafferty said:

I didn’t think ‘Konk’ was very good, and I said that. I was unhappy with the whole situation, but it was made to sound like I had a massive drug problem.

The bassist is set to release his debut solo single ‘Lonely Town’ next month and is also reportedly working on an album with The Darkness man Dan Hawkins.

Meanwhile, The Kooks released their third album ‘Junk Of The Heart’ last month.