The Kooks admit they’d become ‘stale’ before they recorded their third LP

Luke Pritchard says 'nothing can touch' the band now though

The Kooks have admitted that they’d “become stale” in the past, but that they believe “nothing can touch them” on their new album ‘Junk Of The Heart’.

The band release their third album on September 12, with a single ‘Is It Me?’ preceding it by just over a week on September 4.

Speaking in The Independent, the band’s singer Luke Pritchard spoke of how he believes he is misunderstood, but that The Kooks fear nothing now they have recorded ‘Junk Of The Heart’.

He said:

Everyone thinks they’re misunderstood, don’t they? I do. People perceive you to be a certain way and I don’t feel like that person. Because people think that what you’re doing is a sell-out, you’re trying to be too commercial. Whatever, I don’t know how people see me. Yes I’m paranoid sometimes. I think people think I’m shit, yes of course I do. But now I have this album and I feel like nothing can touch me, I think it’s great.

Pritchard also admitted that The Kooks have taken time to be vital again and that the band had “felt a bit stale.”

He said:

We’ve taken time to sort of readjust and try and find the band again. For a long time we had felt a bit stale; it felt like it needed a bit of revival. We wanted to make a really modern-sounding album and to try and fuse our more traditional influences with modern ones.

The Kooks tour the UK in October. They also headline Blur bassist Alex James‘s Harvest Festival in September.