The Kooks admit their new album is part inspired by cocaine

Luke Pritchard admits he penned new track 'Mr Nice Guy' about the class A substance

The Kooks‘ frontman Luke Pritchard has admitted that new track ‘Mr Nice Guy’ is inspired by cocaine use.

The band’s third album ‘Junk Of The Heart’ is set to be released on September 12 and Pritchard has also revealed that the album only came together after he put his partying lifestyle on hold.

According to the Daily Star, Pritchard penned ‘Mr Nice Guy’ about the self-obession that comes with cocaine use. He said of it:

I could have been included in that way of life myself at one point – guys who just want to talk about themselves and don’t listen to anyone else.

Pritchard also said he reined in his partying life to work seriously on ‘Junk Of The Heart’, adding:

I got a bit lost and not just with women and relationships. I was getting a bit rampant generally. I slowly realised I was going to the same bars every night, getting in the same messed-up state, and I thought ‘What is this bringing me, really?’

The Kooks confirmed last week that their only UK festival show will be at Blur bassist Alex James‘ new Harvest Festival in September. They tour the UK in October.