The Kooks plan their own festival

Band say Glastonbury is 'getting too big'

The Kooks have revealed they are planning to hold their own festival.

The band explained that they were planning on organising an event in the south of England, possibly near their home city of Brighton.

Writing in the Daily Star, the band claimed that the Glastonbury festival’s lifespan was coming to an end, hence they were inspired to put together their own bash.

They wrote: “We have been talking about holding our own [festival] down south, somewhere like Stamner Park near Brighton where we live. We will do it in the next couple of years.

“Although Glastonbury is the best in the world, something like that can’t really carry on. It’s getting too big. We love playing Glastonbury, but we couldn’t walk anywhere last year as it was so full. And where you have so many people there it’s hard to get a vibe.”

The band went on to criticise the much-debated line-up for this year’s Glastonbury.

Jay-Z is a weird choice but he’s a phenomenal artist,” they wrote. “We have always thought that Neil Young could be the best artist you could possibly have at Glastonbury – and The Eagles and Bob Dylan.”