The Kooks considered splitting in January

Brighton rockers discussed breaking up

The Kooks have revealed they considered splitting up when bassist Max Rafferty quit this January.

Rafferty departed the Brighton rockers a few months after returning to the band following a bout of illness.

Singer Luke Pritchard told the The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend: “Splitting does go through your mind. It’s hard to let go of something you care about so much. We have fans to think of.

“I don’t want to go into what the difficulties were [with Max]. It’s all too fresh for us, and it is hard for Max, way more than it is for us. I haven’t spoken to him since and thought he should be left to get on with things. I hope we are still friends.”

Prichard also discussed the addition of temporary bassist Dan Logan to the band, previously of Brighton band Cat The Dog, saying: “It’s been really strange for us but it’s something that had to happen. Dan hasn’t joined the band properly yet. We’re trying him out, but I love playing with him.”

The Kooks release new album ‘Konk’ on Monday (April 7).