The Kooks tell Isle Of Wight VIPs to ‘Fuck off’

Luke Pritchard tells the festival guests where to stick it

The Kooks played an evening slot at the Isle Of Wight Festival earlier tonight (June 15), during which frontman Luke Pritchard taunted the VIP section of the crowd, telling them to “fuck off”.

As well as dissing the special guests in a cordoned off area of the crowd, the band played hits including ‘Ooh La’, ‘Naïve’, ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ and ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’.

“Hello VIP, how are you doing?” asked Pritchard shortly before leading his band through ‘Sway’. The crowd began to boo, prompting the singer/guitarist to shout, “Yeah, fuck off!” to the guest section to the left of the stage. The crowd responded by cheering loudly.

Later on in the set Pritchard asked the crowd, “Do you want to see the sun? Let’s try and bring it out together”. The band then played ‘See The Sun’, during which the sun did indeed appear from behind the cloud, bathing the audience in sunshine in a bizarre coincidence.

The Kooks were joined by their guitar tech, “Adam” for their rendition of ‘Shine On’, then ended their set with a rapturously-received ‘Sofa Song’. They then headed off to make way for The Police, who are up next on the main stage for their headline slot.

The Kooks played:

‘Always Where I Need To Be’


‘Eddie’s Gun’

‘Ooh La’


‘Time Awaits’

‘One Last Time’

‘I Want You Back’

‘She Moves In Her Own Way’

‘Mr. Maker’

‘See The Sun’

‘Do You Wanna’


‘Shine On’

‘Sofa Song’

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