The Kooks discuss second album

They say it will be “amazing”

The Kooks say their second album will be a “amazing”.

As previously reported, the band hope to have an EP of new material released early next year, with the follow-up to this year’s debut ‘Inside In/Inside Out’ to follow.

Singer Luke Pritchard said : “The next album is going to be fucking amazing. We’re going to take our time and release it when we feel it’s ready.”

“Listening to the first album reminds me how not to make the next one. We were just wrecked all the time and it shows.

“I’m itching to put the new songs out. I think the new record will be special as lyrically the songs are so much better. I wrote tracks like ’Naïve’ when I was 16. I’ve improved so much and have go the best musicians to work with.”

Pritchard told The Sun that the album would again be produced by Tony Hoffer.

The Kooks played a sold out show at Club NME:Los Angeles on Wednesday night (October 25).