The Lathums share uplifting new track ‘Oh My Love’

The latest from the Wigan band is inspired by a time of "pain and uncertainty"

The Lathums have shared their new track ‘Oh My Love’, an uplifting slice of guitar-pop inspired by past “pain and uncertainty”.

Despite being anchored by a jaunty guitar line, frontman Alex Moore says the song is inspired by his past experiences as a 16-year-old when he used songwriting to get through a period of “deep personal loss”.

“I was only able to fully finish the lyrics after I met all you lovely people who are genuinely interested about me and the lads,” Moore said of the track on social media.


“It was then I found I could make other people feel emotions and give you something to confide in. It gives me purpose and it makes me feel I’m doing something right.”

Moore added: “The song comes from pain and uncertainty, but through you folk I gained the confidence and the desire to leave that dark place and become who I was meant to be.

“This is a little bit of me that I want to share with you because without you I would never have had the chance. The word love means a lot to me and I don’t use it unless I really mean it but I do love you all.”

Elaborating further in a press release, he said: “The opening line: ‘your face seems to have sunken, in the event of my demise’ starts a back and forth with someone who is no longer with us, talking from above.

“Moving on, lines like ‘time is weak and demanding of me’ are a concession to the fact that life moves on, it’s too short and there’s no need to hang on to negativity. It’s upbeat and happy, a complete juxtaposition to the starting point for the song when I was a hurting teenager.”




It comes as The Lathums gear up for their biggest UK tour to date later this year and continue work on their anticipated debut album.

Discussing what to expect from the upcoming album, the band recently told NME: “I think everyone’s gonna be very happily surprised with what comes out [on their debut album]. None of the tracks sound the same – they’ve all got their own stories to tell.

“Being a songwriter, I saw them in my room just as little ideas and structures and then to actually hear them come to life with the lads playing together, and producers James Skelly and Chris Taylor doing all the magic. It brings them to life, and I think everyone is going to buzz off them.”