Hurrah! The wayward ex-Lemonhead returns to the live scene...

Erstwhile LEMONHEAD EVAN DANDO is surfacing for his first US live shows in months, culminating in a residency at NEW YORK’s VILLAGE UNDERGROUND in February.

Dando has been all but absent from the music scene since his last Lemonheads release, ‘Car Button Cloth’ in 1996. He has played only a handful of gigs in the years since, including a bizarre one-off at Santa Monica’s tiny McAbe’s Guitar Shop in September last year. That show was interrupted by a ghetto blaster blaring his cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Mrs. Robinson’ from an alley behind the venue.

Australian rocker Ben Lee, who collaborated, with Dando on still-unreleased material, will support.

Dando will play:

Philadelphia North Star (February 7)

Annapolis Ramshead (8)

New York Village Underground (9-10)