THE LEMONHEADS have parted company with Atlantic Records by mutual agreement after a negotiated settlement...

THE LEMONHEADS have parted company with Atlantic Records. The band’s management describe the departure as a negotiated settlement and put the reason for the separation down to “both sides wanting a fresh start”.

“Evan’s going somewhere else,” a source at Dando’s US management company, Manage This told NME. “We don’t know where he’s going yet. He’s taking his time and it’s very exciting. The paperwork is not done yet though so we can’t say. He’s in no hurry. He had a really old contract with Atlantic and Juliana (Hatfield) left and everyone’s going different ways. There’s nothing angry or harsh at all. It’s just a case of wanting a little new lifeblood for everybody really.”

Evan Dando is currently in Tucson, Arizona recording with Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb. Gelb recently collaborated with Lisa Germano as OP8. The spokeswoman added that a formal announcement on Dando’s future plans would be made in a couple of months’ time. Meanwhile, a Lemonheads best of album, compiled with the co-operation of the band, will be released in the spring. A spokesman for Atlantic’s UK subsidiary east west records told NME that the album would feature all the singles as well as an assortment of rarities.


Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg signed the Lemonheads to Atlantic nearly eight years ago. Previous to that they were on Taang in the States.

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