The Libertines kick off three nights at Alexandra Palace with triumphant show

They play again tonight (September 27) and tomorrow (September 28)

The Libertines triumphantly pulled off the first of their three nights at Alexandra Palace last night (September 26), the set going by without any of the crowd safety problems that dogged their Hyde Park show earlier this summer.

The show wasn’t short of drama though, with Pete Doherty throwing guitars across the stage and a mike stand and his hat into the crowd. Pete also started reading out a fan letter thrown into the stage until he realised the fan was only fifteen years old.

At the start of the set the band were introduced with a montage of photos and videos from their initial era over ‘The Good Old Days’ and warped audio of interviews with the band in the form of a 10-minute mini documentary by NME photographer and video maker Roger Sargent. The Libertines then took to the stage in confident fashion, with Pete shouting “we’re The Libertines, Ally Pally!”. They opened with mid-paced fan favourites ‘The Delaney’ and ‘Campaign Of Hate’.

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The set stepped up a gear when the artwork for their debut album ‘Up The Bracket’ was unveiled and the band tore into ‘Time For Heroes’ and ‘Horrorshow’.

The set, lasting almost two hours, continued at this frenetic pace, covering material from both of the band’s albums as well as rarities like ‘Bucket Shop’ from the Legs 11 Sessions. It also featuring short improvised jams, snippets of ‘Cockles And Mussels’ and attempted jokes from Doherty. “Here’s a brand new song,” he said before ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’.

The main set reached a climax with major hit ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and drummer Gary Powell coming down from his kit at the end of ‘The Good Old Days’ to perform a sand dance and shout “are you guys crazy or what? Centre of the world, baby!”

The Libertines returned for an encore which involved Carl Barat telling the crowd before rarity ‘You’re My Waterloo’ “it’s been a whole since we did this one, we’ve had a little practice in the kitchen,” and Doherty joking “did you understand what he said? Shall I translate? He said he’s still looking for a cellist for the Jackals and he’ll be holding open auditions round the back of Ally Pally on Sunday.”

The set finished with a flurry of hits and Doherty thanking the crowd for “your love and support”, giving Carl a piggy back and draping himself in a QPR flag as he left the stage.

The Libertines played:

The Delaney
Campaign Of Hate
Time For Heroes
The Ha Ha Wall
Music When The Lights Go Out
What Katie Did
Bucket Shop
The Boy Looked At Johnny
Can’t Stand Me Now
Boys In The Band
Last Post On The Bugle
Love On The Dole
The Saga
Death On The Stairs
Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
Tell The King
The Good Old Days
You’re My Waterloo
Up The Bracket
What A Waster
I Get Along

Peace were main support on the night, playing a tight half hour set mixing debut album favourites such as ‘Follow Baby’ and ‘Lovesick’ with previews of their new album including ‘Money’ and their next single ‘Lost On Me’ The Libertines headline Alexandra Palace tonight (September 27) and Sunday (September 28).