Carl Barât blames Dirty Pretty Things split on ‘whiskey and cocaine comfort zone’

He says the break-up informed his new album and book

Carl Barât has told NME he broke up former band Dirty Pretty Things because he found himself in a “comfort zone” defined by excessive drinking and drug use.

Speaking in this week’s issue of NME – which is on UK newsstands, or available digitally worldwide right now – Barat, who split the band in 2008 following the poor reception of their second album ‘Romance At Short Notice’, explained:

“I found myself in what can only be referred to as a comfort zone. A leather jacket, skinny jeans, bottle of whisky, coke, knowing I could play a few Libertines songs and ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’ to a dwindling and increasingly disappointed audience. That’s a hard thing to realise.”

Barât went on to state that, although he didn’t realise it at the time, the break-up went on influence his new self-titled solo album and book, Threepenny Memoir.

“I broke up the band long before I knew I was going to do the solo album thing. Now, moving out of this comfort zone, writing this album, writing this book, has given me some kind of catharsis.”

See this week’s issue of NME to read the full interview with Barât, including his thoughts on the recent Libertines reunion and an exclusive extract from Threepenny Memoir.