Libertines drummer Gary Powell gets new band inspiration ‘on the toilet’ – video

Powell describes the gestation of new band The Invasion Of…

The Libertines‘ drummer Gary Powell has described how he came up with the name for the opening track on new band The Invasion Of…‘s debut album ‘373’ while sitting on the toilet.

Speaking in a video interview with NME which you can watch right now, Powell described how the track, which is called ‘The Invasion Of… Venice’, came about.

“I sat down on the toilet, picked up a magazine and there was a thing that just said Venice, and I just went ‘Yeah!’,” Powell said.

“I’d already come up with the title of the band,” he added, “and then I just figured what the hell, we’ll just call the track ‘The Invasion Of… Venice’. That’s how we came up with the name The Invasion Of… as well.”

The Invasion Of…‘s debut album, ‘373’ is released on October 11.

Watch the full video with Gary Powell on the right of the screen now.