Carl Barat: ‘The Libertines would only reunite to make an album’

Dirty Pretty Things man discusses reuniting with Pete Doherty

Dirty Pretty Things frontman Carl Barat has said that the only reason he would reunite with Pete Doherty to reform The Libertines would be to make a new studio album.

Speaking to The Independent, Barat suggested that he would consider working again with his former bandmate once Dirty Pretty Things had run its course.

“Once I’ve done what I’m doing now [Dirty Pretty Things], it [reuniting with Doherty] won’t be hard at all,” he said. “It may detract in the short term from what I’m trying to achieve.


“It’s certainly a friendship I cherish. But I want to let it be for a while. A lot of my friends say you should only do a reunion if you’re going to write a new album. I agree. Otherwise it’s just a cash-cow, a glory-milker.

“I’ve still got a ‘Libertine’ tattoo on my arm.”