Carl Barat: ‘The Libertines have unfinished business’

Dirty Pretty Things man says he and Pete Doherty could reunite

Dirty Pretty ThingsCarl Barat has said that despite recently saying that he was too busy to reform The Libertines with Pete Doherty, the band could reform in the future.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail Live Barat said he had “unfinished business” with Doherty, and that he would enjoy it if the two could rekindle the relationship they had in their previous band.

Speaking about his appearance at Pete Doherty‚Äôs Hackney Empire gig in April 2007, where he joined his former band-mate on stage, Barat said, “It reminded me how great we were together and how much unfinished business there is.

“As to whether The Libertines could reform, it’s a big ‘Maybe’,” he continued. “It’s a question that follows me around constantly. Some schoolkid will ask, ‘When are you getting The Libertines back together?’ I’m thinking, ‘Do you really think this is something I haven’t given a lot of thought to?’

“I miss the purity of what me and Pete had together when we started out. It would be great to have that back. Pete always used to say, ‘Imagine the songs we still have to write.’ That thought is always with me.”