Pete says bandmate Carl Barat is "hard to love"...

The future of Libertines appears to be hanging in the balance once again after PETE DOHERTY said in a message on his website that bandmate CARL BARAT was “hard to love”.

Posting on the website of Babyshambles, the side-project Pete formed while on exile from the Libertines, he cast doubt on the possibility of a new album this year: “Are we making an album? Either way I’m gonna make some records this year.”

And despite the band playing a charity show tonight at London Astoria, Doherty said that he and Barat had not spoken since the end of their tour: “Timeless boohooing about Biggles (Barat) not being my mate. Never does ‘owt to reach out to me, loves me but doesn’t like me. No birthday pressie or even message or anything since I left dressing room at Brixton on Sunday. But thus us normal and so why now let it upset me.”

“The one true horror is that if I was to be true to myself as an artist, as a man, as a Libertines, I would not work with the band as it stands anymore. The release and liberty of the other path, ie, Babyshambles, Peter Doherty solo or whatever is immense I can feel it from this side like barbed wire, like in the cell in Wanno (Wandsworth Prison) last year. Like a weight oiff me poor bony old shoulders.”

“I need to speak to the boys before I go nuts. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe they know how I feel but are holding out at whatever cost. We have a good thing going etc etc, but fuck em, he’s a difficult man to love and he gives me nothing. I go through each day and am twisting up, when I finally, fully unwind it will be furious, disastrous, dangerous, spectacular.”

Doherty is currently engaging in a flurry of solo work, including radio hit ‘For Lovers’, a collaboration with Wolfman, and a self-titled Babyshambles single.

Libertines play the Love Music Hate Racism benefit at London Astoria tonight along side Buzzcocks and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.