The singer is accused of wrecking a VERY expensive piece of artwork during a charity show...

PETE DOHERTY has been banned from LONDON’s trendy GROUCHO CLUB after reportedly wrecking a piece of modern artwork thought to be worth around £100,000.

The former Libertines star was performing a charity gig with his band Babyshambles on Saturday (October 23) when he tore the metal sculpture from the ceiling and it disintegrated on the floor.

An onlooker told today’s (October 25) Sun newspaper: “It’s not a big room but Babyshambles launched into a very lively set. Pete was spinning round all over the place.

“Then he jumped into the crowd and grabbed the sculpture – it fell to the floor in pieces.”

The club’s bosses are reportedly furious over the incident and a source told The Sun: “Staff made it clear they never want to see him in their club again.”

A spokesperson for the Groucho Club refused to comment on the incident.