The troubled Libertine speaks out about his failed rehab attempts...

Exiled LIBERTINES frontman PETE DOHERTY has once again pledged to kick his crippling drug addiction.

But in an extensive interview with today’s (July 4) Sunday Mirror newspaper, he says that isolated rehabilitation programmes are not the answer.

He said: “I’ve got to start getting clean straight away. But I can’t do it in the Priory or places like that. I have to do it in the environment I live in because I am always going to be surrounded by drugs when I’m making music. I’ve just got to find the inner strength to control it.”

Doherty was asked to leave The Libertines after walking out of a controversial rehab programme at Thailand’s Thamkrabok Monastery. Today he described the experience: “I’d only come out of the Priory a couple of days earlier so I’d been through all the shakes, vomiting and (sleepless) nights with cold turkey. Foolishly I didn’t do any research about Thailand before I went, and it was hardcore.

“On the third day I left and went to Bangkok. I booked into a hotel where they offered room service of heroin with my bacon and eggs. I told them I didn’t have any money but they said I could have it on tab. I notched up a £280 bill in three days. If I’d done the same amount of brown in England it would have cost me thousands.”

The Libertines are pressing ahead with live commitments and the release of their second album without Doherty, but have given assurances that he will be welcomed back as soon as he cleans up.

However, Doherty said today: “There are three things that I know a bit about in my life and that’s QPR, my guitar and drugs. I know QPR are the best football team in the world, my guitar is the most beautiful thing I own and that I don’t take enough drugs to kill me. It isn’t drugs that I need to get rid of; it’s the demons that fill my head. Once I have come to terms with my demons, maybe I’ll be able to get clean.”