The band say they are "sounding good"...

Libertines have spoken about the follow-up to debut LP ‘UP THE BRACKET’.

The band, who have not yet started recording, have three new songs, and two songs from the unreleased demo ‘Legs 11’ for the album.

“We’ve been writing in France,” explained Barat to XFM, “We haven’t recorded a note yet, there’s a lot of work to do, but yeah it’s sounding good. It sounds like something I’d be happy to play to people, and I’m happy to listen to it. Is it similar to the last album? I dunno, I can’t remember the last album.”

“I think we’ve got better though. Song titles? Titles always come last with us, but so far we’ve got ‘Birds In General’, ‘You Can’t Stand Me Now’, ‘On The Paths Of Dalliance Tread Lightly’. There’s loads of them. I think we’re gonna put ‘The Narcissist’ and ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ on.

Barat also spoke about the group’s upcoming three-night stand at London Brixton Academy: “It’s a bit excessive innit?” he said. “Very excessive. I think that’s Mr McGee (bands manager, Alan) wanting to make a statement [adopts Scottish accent] ‘You are a big band, honest. Right! I’ll prove it to you!’ Then he goes and books three nights at Brixton and they all sell out… We really better get some of these new songs up to scratch I s’pose.”

On the likelihood of Libertines playing at Glastonbury, Barat replied: “If we’re still alive, we’ll be at the festivals.”