The troubled guitarist gives says "I want to clean up but it’s something I have to do on my own terms"...

PETE DOHERTY has claimed he’s leaving THE LIBERTINES but has left the door open for a reunion with bandmate CARL BARAT.

The guitarist, who has spent some of the last month in The Priory in a fresh attempt to kick his drug addiction, has given an interview with The Sun newspaper where he said he plans to go to France with his girlfriend to beat the drugs. He claimed that being in rehab wasn’t helping.

He said: “I was barely aware of what was going on in (rehab). All these visitors were coming in to see me and saying they were my family and my sisters – but really they weren’t. I want to clean up but it’s something I have to do on my own terms.”

Despite getting regular visits from friends and family, including Barat, the paper quotes Pete as saying he thinks he is treated badly by Carl.

He continued: “It’s got to the point where Carl and I don’t speak except on stage. It breaks my heart. He treats me badly and every time I come running back like a battered housewife.

“I feel like I’m seeking the ghost of a former friendship but Carl gave up on me years ago. He did come to see me in The Priory but I hardly remember his visit.”

However, Pete said that there’s still hope for The Libertines, who have finished their second album and are due to tour later this month including a selection of festival appearances across the country.

He said: “If (Carl) comes and grabs me by the hand, maybe we can reclaim the empire together. But for now I’m out of the band. Surely no one wants to see me trapped in this cage that is only making me miserable.”

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