The original venue - Finsbury Park - is changed...

LONDON’s UNITY FESTIVAL – set to feature Libertines – has been forced to change location.

The festival, which aims to raise awareness about increasing far right political activity in the UK, was set to take place in Finsbury Park on June 6. However, it has been forced to move to the indoor Hammersmith Apollo.

The show would have been London’s first major outdoor anti-racism rally since 1978’s Carnival Against The Nazis.

However, while a licence was granted, police insisted that organisers erect a metal perimeter fence around the Finsbury Park, making the event too expensive to hold. This has annoyed organisers.

Waymon Vennett, Joint Secretary for Unite Against Facism, told NME.COM: “We believe if you can have opera in Trafalgar Square unshielded, then you can have rock music in a park and people can come and listen to it.”

Details of how to get free tickets for the event – which also features David Gray and the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, can be found at [url=]