The band speak out against the far right candidates in the UK capital's forthcoming local elections...

Libertines have spoken out in opposition to racist candidates in the forthcoming LONDON elections.

The band join David Gray and a host of names at ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ gig in Finsbury Park (June 6).

The show aims to raise awareness and motivate opposition to far right candidates planning to stand in the forthcoming elections for the Greater London Assembly.

Doherty said: “I don’t think you have to be a particularly developed human being intellectually or spiritually to despise racism. But we need to encourage people to fight racism, whether with words or actions.”

Meanwhile, the recently confirmed David Gray added: “We rightly pride ourselves on being a tolerant and multicultural society. These values however are being quietly eroded, aided by by the culture of fear and suspicion that the ‘war or terrorism’ has helped promote. Every day brings fresh talk of enemies in our midst.

“The BNP senses an opportunity, and they are working flat out to establish themselves as a voice of British politics. This gig and this campaign is a wake-up call to the complacent and the apathetic to say ‘Get off your arse – they must be stopped’.”

Also appearing are Billy Bragg, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Roll Deep, Dirty Doogz, D Double E and More Fire, Skinnyman, MC D, Jamieson, Saxon Sound and The Stands. The show is the latest in the series of awareness-raising ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ events.

In other news, this Sunday’s (May 30) Unite Against Facism gig with Music, Badly Drawn Boy and [a][/a] will now be held in Liverpool after the event was blocked by Manchester police. The exact location will be announced in the coming days.