The TKB centre's president is a famous British TV star...

A drugs rehabilitation charity whose president is ‘EASTENDERS’ actress JUNE BROWN have offered troubled Libertines star

PETE DOHERTY free treatment.

The charity, TKB, aim to raise funds to help those in need of relief from any form of addiction, narcotic or otherwise, by supplying a means to a route of passage to Thailand’s Thamkrabok Monastery for detox.

The Monastery claim to provide one of the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the World, having treated over 100,000 patients since it’s inception in 1958.

A charity spokesperson told NME.COM: “We have funds and we would like to offer Pete the best chance in the world to recover, for free, by travelling to Thamkrabok for immediate treatment. The offer, although bizarre in nature, is a genuine one.”