The Libertine makes his final appearance in a London court…

Libertines guitarist PETE DOHERTY has been given a four month suspended custodial sentence after pleading guilty to possession of a knife.

Doherty made an appearance at Thames Magistrates Court (September 1), where he was due for sentencing on the charge.

Doherty arrived outside court an hour early, sitting on the top of a car and playing acoustic guitar to the waiting news reporters.

Inside court, Judge Malcolm Ried, who heard the case, said: “You’re a highly intelligent young man who appears to be very successful. You have experience of prison from a matter last year…yet in June from a holiday you brought back an offensive weapon.”

He added that knives “are only made for one reason”. He described the weapon as a “vicious looking item”, saying it was regularly used in cities across the country and they could be used “just like that, with devastating results”.

On sentencing Doherty was told he was not suitable for a community sentence, so he had to be given a sentence of imprisonment. He was told to serve four months in prison, at which point Pete covered his face with his hands.

The judge then continued to say that given the way the knife was found, and that it was found shortly after the singer had come back into the country, the sentence would be suspended for 12 months.

Doherty was ordered to pay £150 in court costs and said that the weapon would be destroyed.

The Judge told Doherty “consider yourself fortunate”.

At a hearing last month he’d been warned that he faced jail time after admitting the offence. Prior to the sentencing, Doherty had a meeting with his probation officer.

The charge relates to an incident in the early hours of June 18, on Hackney Road, London E2.

Pete was in a public place and without lawful authority, carrying a flick knife, which is an offensive weapon. He was driving a motor vehicle and seen to overtake, when he was stopped by police.

Police decided to search the car, where they said they found the knife with a 10cm blade in the right front pocket of his jeans.