But the Libertines star says his time in the Priory is going well...

PETE DOHERTY claims he’s on “suicide watch” in rehab as Libertines fans across the world unite in support for the star.

As reported yesterday, Pete has been admitted into the Priory clinic in London in an attempt to kick his addiction to drugs.

In a posting this morning with the subject line ’Still on suicide watch’, Pete claimed those looking after him found some old marks on his body and as a result are checking him every ten minutes to ensure his well-being, but he feels like his progress is coming along well.

On [url=], he wrote: “Evidence of self-harm upon my skinny person but nothing could be further from my mind as I awake brighter tailed and bushier eyed than I have done for many a year. Yes children the deliriums and caterwaulings are giving in to, well, Peter Doherty, whoever the fuck that may be.

“Today I’m definitely steadier on my feet and shall have a little exploration of this clean place which is probably full of celebrities in towelling robes. Enough to make anyone give up crack and smack. Might even try a few press-ups…. er, yeah 17 should suffice for now. NURSE! where’s my apple juice and coffee and biscuit like on the poster?”

Since yesterday fans have been emailing NME.COM to show their support for Pete.

One fan, known only as Hannah, wrote: “Just a little note to say keep it up and all that! All of old Albion is behind you! Don’t ever lose that cute little smile.”

Martin from Austria added: “I hope you feel better as fast as possible! Here in Austria we love you.”

Parker Fishel from America wrote to say: “I really can’t explain how important the [a][/a] are to me. Stay strong, follow your heart, live in the music, get your act together and Arcadia will not be such a stretch, not only for you but for anyone who believes in the power of soul and music to save the world, cut the ribbon and get the girl. GET BETTER SOON PETE!”

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