The star goes into the famous Priory in an attempt to kick his drug addiction...

PETE DOHERTY has been admitted into the PRIORY clinic in LONDON in an attempt to kick his addiction to drugs, NME.COM can reveal.

Following a week of chaotic Babyshambles gigs which had horrified fans predicting his imminent demise, Libertines star was taken into the rehab centre, which has a reputation for dealing with famous stars, last Friday (May 14). Friends of the guitarist have said it’s “pretty obvious” why he’s in there.

Writing on his website, [url=], Pete explained what it’s like for him. He wrote: “I’m fine…they’ve whacked me on loads of medication. 16 different colours (of) pills like hundreds of thousands or bassets jelly babies.

“Very deranged and murky recollection of the last few days. A gaggle of nurses around my crinkly bed, they all jump as I wake up and yelp something about jelly. Then I notice a needle sticking out of my arm and spots of blood. What the fuck is going on? Vomit and shrieks, some girl warbling down the corridor in a towel. At least my laptop is here still. The only one who ever stood by me.”

Libertines have now finished recording and are mixing their second album, which is due in the summer.

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