Co-producer Mick Jones even draws comparisons between the new material and his own legendary outfit...

Clash guitarist and current Libertines co-producer MICK JONES has declared the forthcoming album “sensational”, and has even drawn comparisons between the band and his own legendary outfit.

Jones has been working alongside Clash and Sex Pistols producer Bill Price with the tempestuous band in a west London studio, and says that the band’s frictions are exaggerated.

“[It’s been] Beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you differently,” he said to Teletext. “If it was as stupid as people are making out – security guards to stop them fighting and that crap – do you think I’d be mug enough to stick around and put up with it?


“They’ve grown up. What happened with Pete (Doherty) going to prison was a horrible time, it could have finished any band. They know that, and it’s made them realise how much they love each other.

“People say that me and Joe (Strummer) were both the best of friends and the best of rivals.” He explained, “I don’t agree – we never had time to be rivals!

“Pete and Carl (Barat) have the same fluidity we had. Joe would sit at a typewriter, have a great lyric by the time I’d had a coffee and I’d knock up a tune for it in a few minutes. That’s how quickly Clash do it – low boredom threshold.”

When asked about the bands new album Jones also proclaimed “a record as good as this only comes along once in a generation”.

“Sensational. I can’t believe how good they’ve got, even since ‘Up The Bracket’ – and that was a great debut,” he explained.

He added: “You had it with Clash. And now it’s [a][/a] turn. The lyrics on ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ are as good as any I’ve heard. Everything that’s happened to them in two years is on this record, and a lot has happened to them.”


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