The Libertine claims he was hit by a car in the scuffle...

PETE DOHERTY has said he’s been attacked in LONDON.

The guitarist, currently out of Libertines while he battles an addiction to drugs, claimed in an online post that he was beaten and threatened in central London over the weekend.

He wrote on Babyshambles: “This was the scene then: Ice (a friend) and I at peace with the world and we share a cigarette as we stroll in a delirious Arcadian harmony. A fella in a baseball cap and Irish accent engages us in a tabloid exchange – calls me a crackhead and says he’s gonna break my nose and stick a knife in my neck.


”He just flares up over nothing and all horror breaks out of guarded cage.”

Doherty claims that in the scuffle he attempted to get across the road where he was hit by a car.

He continued: “I try to get across the road but get hit (not hard) by a car, he boots me full in the head while I am on the floor and punches me a few times or so full in the bilo face.

”My ears are throbbing like the proverbial flappers of Albion I am ready to perform. But he grabs my feet and drags me back into the road. Fuckin’ hell. I scramble witless to my feet and stop the nearest car, get in and scream ‘get the fuck out of here (mush)’.”


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