And the likes of The Libertines, Supergrass and Delays hope to make 'Born In England' a smash hit...

Libertines, SUPERGRASS and Libertines are set to appear on this year’s alternative ENGLAND football anthem.

The winner of XFM’s ’Song For Europe’ football competition was revealed yesterday (May 4), with the winning entry being tipped as a Top Ten hit .

’Born In England’ by The Wheatleys will be recorded at a top studio in London. As previously reported on NME.COM, the band will have help from Delays Carl Barat, Supergrass’s Danny Goffey, [a][/a], and actor James Nesbitt, who all rang the station to pledge their allegiance to the anthem.

XFM DJ Christian O’Connell started the competition and is overjoyed with the response.

“We had over 20,000 people voting over the weekend which is an amazing response seeing as it was a Bank Holiday and there was a Bond film on,” he explained. “‘Born In England’ is the first rocking football anthem in a long time, forget the shabbiness of that Ant and Dec song. This isn’t bad for a novelty song, even ‘Pop Idol’ judge Neil Fox said it could really go to Number One as it is a good tune. Now all they have to do is get ready for that ‘Top Of The Pops’ performance.”

The presenter said the decision to launch ‘Song For Europe’ came after hearing Blazin’ Squad were lined up to record the FA’s official anthem for Euro 2004.

“As soon as we heard that it looked like the Blazin’ Squad were going to do the FA song that was it really, it was like the red mist descended. We thought this is rubbish and rather than just moaning about it we thought let’s see if anyone listening can write a really good anthem and we’ll get it released,” he said.