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Libertines’ hugely anticipated second album will be streamed on NME.COM next week.

From Monday the record will be available via [url=]nme.com/audio. However, if an interview with Carl Barat in today’s (August 19) The Mirror newspaper is to be believed, it could be their last if Pete Doherty, currently estranged from the band, doesn’t deal with his addiction to drugs.

In the interview Barat said taking crack was like “inhaling a burning bin bag then having a 15-minute panic attack”.

He continued: “I didn’t really see the point. I mean, who wants to live like that? It’s obscene really. I still like to party but I don’t have a habit. Don’t like being out of control.”

On Libertines, Barat said: “You’ve got to have hope, without that we’d be stuffed, wouldn’t we? It feels weird doing all this without him and I don’t want to continue this way indefinitely. I can’t see us doing anymore writing or recording without him, I think I’d rather end it.”

He added: “If Pete stops taking drugs he can come back and the band can go on.”

Barat admits that he turned a blind eye to Doherty’s drug use during the beginning stages of the band, saying: “What stuck out about Pete was he would never give in – he had tremendous perseverance. Of course, that turned out to be a problem later when crack came on board.

“By the time it became obvious, it was probably too late. I turned a blind eye thinking Pete would pull himself out of it,” he continued. “I tried to talk about it, but he didn’t want to know. He liked the romance of drugs and the whole world that went with it.”

Despite the number two chart success of the band’s latest single ’Can’t Stand Me Now’ and the release of their self-titled second album on August 30, Barat still stands by his decision to suspend Doherty from Libertines until he can kick his habit: “By the end of the recording we were just sticking songs together, not really communicating. We couldn’t continue like that so there was no choice – Pete had to go, the alternative would have been like driving through a car crash.”

Libertines are set to play the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals between August 27-29.