Security is doubled at the Stoke-On-Trent venue - but there are still scenes of chaos...

Libertines’ PETE DOHERTY returned to STOKE-ON-TRENT with his side-project BABYSHAMBLES last night (April 28) to the venue which just seven days ago week saw a full scale riot and police invasion.

Security for the show was doubled to stop a repeat of last week’s events, where thousands of pounds worth of damage was done to the city’s ‘The Underground’ venue following an impromptu set by Doherty and fellow Libertines Carl Barat, which then spilled out onto the streets.

Last night, Doherty kept the enthusiastic crowd waiting until midnight before taking to the stage to sounds of Clash‘s ‘London Calling’.

The newly shaven-headed Libertines told the crowd: “We don’t leave London much… but when we do we come to Stoke!”

At one point, the night threatened to turn into a repeat of last week’s riot when towards the end of the set, fans started invading the stage in numbers. Pete then stagedived into the chaotic pit ,and left with the packed crowd demanding Libertines.

After two hours, Pete finally re-emerged, telling the expectant audience that the band were heading home and thanked them for their support.

Babyshambles release the ‘Babyshambles’ single through the High Society indie label on May 10.