The venue is destroyed, police are called, but Pete and Carl keep on playing...

A spontaneous Libertines show ended in the destruction of the venue, a full-scale riot, road blocks and the police being called last night (April 21).

Fans pulled down the walls of The Underground in Stoke-On-Trent before piling outside for a street party hosted by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat, which was only broken up by the arrival of the police.

The show was intended to be the launch party for the debut single by Pete’s side-project, Babyshambles, and featured a host of support bands chosen by the singer.

Pete appeared on the stage throughout the night – first at 9pm to sing ‘Horrorshow’ with The Paddingtons and again with Carl and an acoustic guitar before the set by the final support band, The White Sport.

The duo played a number of well-known songs, including ‘What A Waster’ and big hit ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ as security attempted to hold the 300-strong crowd back.

Coming back at midnight with Babyshambles, witnesses claim Pete began to pull on the drapes that covered the ceiling. Following his lead, the audience began to do the same, eventually pulling the whole length of material down on top of them.

With fans banging on the venue’s sides for more, a section of the wall then collapsed, although no-one was said to be hurt.

Babyshambles left the stage as crowds locked outside the sold-out show tried to kick the venue’s fire doors in, and those inside the room chanted “Libertines” while refusing to leave.

Surrounded by security, Carl reappeared onstage with an acoustic guitar and told the crowd to see him outside in the car park. Outside on the road near the venue, Carl played a few numbers before returning inside.

Pete then came out and sat on top of Babyshambles’ mini-bus and started a sing-a-long with the entire crowd.

A roadblock formed in the street adjacent to the venue as fans poured onto the road, bringing cars to a standstill.

The arrival of the police finally brought the outdoor party to a peaceful end, with Pete jumping into the band’s mini-bus and Carl completing his night by wandering around the venue to survey the wreckage, with thousands of pounds of damage caused.

“What a night, what a cracking night! Stage invasions, club got wrecked, gig was stopped, ended up having a street party with Pete on guitar…Total rock and roll!” one fan, Phil Lovatt, told NME.COM.

Matt Bates, the club’s promoter and the man responsible for the whole night, agreed, saying the night “ended in can what only be described as rock and roll manner!”

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