It's the second night in a row that the star fails to appear - and fans are furious...

PETER DOHERTY left scores of fans fuming last night (August 3) after he failed to appear for his second solo set in LONDON.

The estranged Libertines singer, who blamed problems with his guitar tech for pulling the previous night at the London Camden Barfly, failed to turn up yet again for his pal Wolfman at a packed out gig at the Scala. With the rest of the band touring in the Far East, Pete, out of the band because of his drug problems, has been touring the UK alone.

The show was set up to celebrate the completion of Wolfman And The Side Effects’ new single ‘From The Darkness To the Sunbeam/Napoleon’. Wolfman, who was also celebrating his 36th birthday, was left to tackle a hostile crowd without his pal as fans screamed “Where’s Pete?” after nearly every song.

Near the end of the show, Pete’s guitar tech eventually informed a bemused Wolfman that his friend wasn’t coming.

They both then sang the Top Ten smash ‘For Lovers’ together.

But an impatient crowd continued to vent their anger at the band, booing and chanting “Peter! Peter!” at the end.

Wolfman is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album ‘Black Arts Rock ‘n’ Roll’, which is set for release in October.

Chris Renwick, 25, from Shepherds Bush, was furious that Pete never showed.

He said: “I’m disappointed that he didn’t turn up. It pisses me off. It is selfish to advertise a gig and then not turn up and take our money.

Dave Thornley, 14, who travelled from Faversham, felt let down.

He added: “The Wolfman was really good and he has a great band but we came here to see Pete and he’s not here.

“I’m really disappointed he didn’t turn up. It’s bang out of order.”

Writing online, Doherty claimed he will continue on his tour, despite the no shows.

He said: “I apologise to all those who lost out, but given some of the reactions, I’m glad that a few of you have been inconvenienced. In fact, I’ll eek out all of the gits until I can be sure I’m playing to a crowd who trust me, believe in me, and don’t turn on me at the first chance they get. You want clockwork, amoral live music? There’s plenty of that about. What I did I did for you, and the response is quite heartbreaking.”

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