Fans travel from all over the UK for a show, but are left disappointed...

Estranged Libertines star PETE DOHERTY failed to show for a solo appearance in LONDON last night (August 2).

With the rest of the band touring in the Far East, Pete, out of the band because of his drug problems, has been touring the UK alone.

The singer was due to appear at the London Camden Barfly last night. However, as the evening progressed, it became clear that something was wrong.

One fan at the show told NME.COM: “The venue was heaving with ghouls, voyeurs, ageing music journalists and raddled old drug dealers, all desperate to get on the guest list. After a lengthy queue, we got upstairs at about nine to see Mad Action perform in the stifling heat. About half an hour after they went off, two tragic types with ridiculous haircuts took to the stage. They proceeded to stumble acoustically through what sounded like three old Sebadoh B-sides.

“However, they sounded great compared to the next support act, who was a wasted-looking type in a straw hat. He launched into Morrissey‘s ‘Your Gonna Need Someone On Your Side’ and it immediately became apparent that he had neither stagecraft nor any musical talent whatsoever. In fact he wouldn’t have cut it on the platform at Camden Town tube. Another bloke got onstage and we hoped that he’d come to drag him off, but alas he accompanied the busker on the shakers!”

Around 11.30pm, with no sign of Doherty it was announced that since Pete’s guitar tech hadn’t been allowed in the venue, he wasn’t going to play. Some fans said they’d travelled from as far away as Scotland for the performance.

Doherty performed on the evening though – at a secret gig in a London flat.