Two operations and a lot of pain is the cost of the star's boozy bathroom accident…

Libertines star CARL BARAT is struggling to regain 20/20 vision after a booze fuelled accident that’s led to two operations.

Carl and reunited bandmate Pete Doherty have been together in Wales, catching up and working on songs for their second album, which should be released next year.

While relaxing after a day working on the new songs, Carl took a bottle of whiskey and retired for a long hot bath. He got out, slipped and cracked his head on the sink, seriously damaging his left cheek.

Concussed and not fully realising what had happened, Carl staggered to bed. The following morning, after waking amongst heavily bloodstained sheets the extent of his injuries became clear. He was rushed to hospital then later to a specialised Eye Hospital in nearby Hereford where he was diagnosed with a fractured cheekbone and a damaged tearduct. An emergency operation was undertaken in attempt to fix the problem.

Writing on Libertines website [url=], Pete Doherty explained: “Spend some time together he said, write some songs he said,… he didn’t say anything about Carlos having to get his eyeball stitched up. We set up a little studio with the recorder and amps in the echoey ‘library’ room. Some fine new compositions being sown and reaped in the harvest of souls, then explosions and bloodshed and oh me lonely horrors as Alan (McGee) whisks the delirious (Carl) off to hospital, then the eye hospital. Sex symbol in an eye patch? Buccaneers indeed.”