The band give fans a rare treat during another 'secret' show in London...

Libertines played the fabled ‘HA HA WALL’ and ‘NARCISSIST’ from their rarest recording – ‘THE FRENCH SESSIONS’ – last night (March 23) in a surprise appearance in LONDON.

The band appeared after midnight at a launch party for the Wolfman & The Side Effects/Pete Doherty single ‘For Lovers’ at The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel. Pete sang ‘Wolfman’ and ‘For Lovers’ with the Wolfman & The Side Effects.

Libertines’ set included a clutch of officially unreleased songs. In addition to established new tracks ‘The Saga’, ‘Last Post On The Bugle’ and ‘Can’t Stand You’ (recently performed on Jonathan Ross and confirmed as the next single) they performed ‘I Got Sweets’ from the Babyshambles sessions, and a curtailed version of ‘What Katie Did’.

Carl sang lead vocal on the two French Sessions tracks. The French Sessions is an unreleased four-track EP recorded in February 2003 . The recordings have achieved a legendary status amongst fans. The EP also features the tracks ‘Through The Looking Glass’ and ‘Half Cocked Boy’.

The band are currently recording their second album, the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Up The Bracket’ where – according to the band – progress is going very well.

‘For Lovers’ – which features Pete Doherty singing on its title track, and Carl Barat playing guitar on a B-side – is released through Rough Trade on April 12.

Wolfman & The Side Effects are scheduled to perform at the Duke Of Clarence, off Essex Road in north London tonight (March 24).