A guitar tech and The Cooper Temple Clause's Didz fill in on the band's Euro tour....

‘Where is PETE?’ is a question the rest of Libertines

have been asking after their eccentric joint-frontman disappeared on the eve of their European tour.

The band were taking off last week for eight dates in Germany, Holland, Spain and France last Thursday (June 5) but, after waiting hours for Doherty, he did not appear and they decided push on without him. As the clock ticked down to the band’s first show at the Rock im Park Festival in Nuremberg (June 6), Libertines decided to replace Pete with a guitar tech called Nick. It was there that Cooper Temple Clause’s Didz also pitched in, sharing vocals for the show.


Two days later (June 8), the band moved down the road to the Nuerburgring for the Rock am Ring Festival. But still no Pete. Again Nick the guitar tech took over. When Pete still had not shown for a show in Amsterdam on June 9, a crisis was developing.

However, Pete had resurfaced in Britain and explained that he went to ground because he had the hump with Carl.

On a long, rambling letter posted on Libertines fan-site Libertines[/a]’ countless mini-shows.

“Carlos did not show last night, as you know. For me… this is signal enough. I will not be in Brewery Rd at 4.00pm today for the tourbus. I will not vent my rage and wonder and hope and arcadian sublimities alongside Mr Barat for now. How can I… he had promised to come. I’m so warped by having to play alone again that you’d not cherish my company…”

Pete claimed he was in Leicester “on a path of healing,” and the message board was immediately swamped with messages from concerned fans.

“Please look after yourself…just give Carlos a ring,” wrote Ed. “You’re great Pete. I’d do anything for you,” added an anonymous fan.


When asked why Pete had reacted in such a way, Libertines manager Banny Poostchi said: “I have no idea. I can’t speak for him.

“It’s important to get across that normal rules do not apply to Libertines,” she added. She insisted the band’s future was secure.

“They’re not splitting up, they’re not stopping playing music. They’re not doing anything which isn’t about being a [a][/a].”

The band insist they will complete their upcoming UK tour, including a slot at Glastonbury on June 28.


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