The band play a gig as a three-piece after a scrap leads to the disappearance of singer Pete Doherty...

Rising LONDON quartet Libertines played as a three-piece at a show in SCARBOROUGH on Saturday (August 3) after the band’s frontman PETE DOHERTY went AWOL following a studio bust-up with guitarist CARL BARAT.

The pair came to blows during the early hours of Saturday morning in their east London studio after several days inside mixing forthcoming new single. Around 6am, they were horsing around when things became a little heated. Pete punched Carl in the throat and he retaliated by kneeing his singer in the head. Following a few more blows, Pete disappeared. The remaining three members decided to head to Scarborough without him and make their slot at the Scarborough Festival. Carl learnt the songs on the way to the show and from the stage announced he had had a fight with Doherty before launching into an impassioned version of the band’s Top 40 hit ‘What A Waster’.

Doherty reappeared after being missing for 48 hours.

A spokesperson for Libertines has insisted there is no split and that the band will reconvene in the studio this week to finish mixing their debut album.

Their as yet untitled new single will be released in late September.